Models Reading at The British Fellowship of Hairdressing for Robert Masciave


Rosa (left) reading How to Set Up & Run A Fashion Label by Toby Meadows
Ieva (right) reading Coco Chanel by Bronwyn Cosgrave

Rosa: “After working my ass off in London for the past few years I’m ready to dedicate all of my energy to my own fashion label so I’m traveling home to Ibiza to start it up.”

Ieva: “I have a place at UCA Epsom to study Fashion Design but I have to practice my English before I am able to pass the entrance exam.”


London is Reading Abroad – Paris


 Gatsby le Magnifique par F. Scott Fitzgerald, found reading at The Luxembourg Palais



 L’Appel Du Mort (Call of The Dead) by John Le Carre, found reading on the Metro



Book by Maria Ernestam – didn’t catch the title due to my rusty French, only caught that it’s a history of a woman. Found reading in the literary quarter of Paris, Saint-Germain.



Ernest Hemingway: A Life Story by Carlos Baker, found reading in Shakespeare & Co bookshop



Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, found reading at Gare du Nord